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A High-Tech Dental Exam Makes a Difference

Dr. Fong's commitment to patients extends into his investment in state-of-the-art equipment used at his Redwood City, CA, office. Patients of Advanced Dentistry will benefit from high-tech tools including: 

LED Lighting and Magnification Tools – Dr. Fong’s quality dental care begins with a thorough examination at his Redwood City office. The operatories are equipped with LED lights to provide a brighter, more efficient lighting system to conduct oral examinations. Dr. Fong’s attention to detail continues with powerful 6x’s magnifying glasses (high-powered loupes) and an in-office 24x’s magnifying microscope to give him the ability to detect problems that would otherwise go unnoticed. The increased magnification improves diagnosis and treatment accuracy.

Electric Hand Pieces - Dr. Fong recognizes that even the most basic procedures improve when using powerful electric hand pieces. These tools are quieter than traditional tools and vibrate less for a more quality patient experience and end result. Less vibration and faster torc increases accuracy for better fitting restorations.  

High Resolution Radiograph - The highest resolution dental radiograph (Schick 33s) is another high-tech tool used by Dr. Fong to obtain a high resolution x-ray image. This camera produces a clearer, more accurate picture of the targeted area, which improves Dr. Fong’s ability to diagnose and treat patient’s oral health. 

Oral Cancer Screenings - Dr. Fong routinely (at every yearly exam) looks for changes in the soft tissue within the mouth. A Velscope is a handheld tool used to fluoresce soft tissue in Dr. Fong’s search for abnormalities within the mouth. Early detection is the best method to fight against oral cancer.

Isolite System - Restorations that bond to the tooth with resins have best results when the oral cavity is clear and dry. Using an Isolite mouthpiece, an advanced isolation and retraction system, Dr. Fong is able to comfortably position the patient’s tongue and cheeks out of the way while keeping the area dry. The restorations will set properly, giving patients a better quality end product for long-term dental health.

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